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Embassy International Riding School gears up for the 9th edition of Equestrian Premier League

The league will be held over the next six months and the finale is in the month of November ** The EPL league has produced several star performers and this year, top riders from across the country are ready to showcase their mettle to make a mark and catapult themselves to the big league
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 19-06-2018 | Views: 400
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Embassy International Riding School (EIRS) today announced the opening leg of the 9th edition of Equestrian Premier League (EPL) to be held on 23rd June 2018. EPL is EIRS’s Equestrian tournament, holding Dressage and Jumping competitions. EIRS has always been committed to creating a positive impact on the rising popularity of equestrian sport in India and has proved to be a great success, attracting a good number of participants, parading their skills. It is aimed to promote EPL as a platform for riders to encourage them to be internationally competitive in Equestrian Sports. 

The EPL will witness around 30 to 40 participants competing in the tournament. The two-day opening leg of the league will see riders from top clubs including, Equestrian Centre for Excellence, Chennai Equitation Centre; Flying Sea Stallion; United Riders Barn; Equine Dreams; Setalvad Equestrian; Ambur Equestrian Club; Royal Equestrian Academy; Red Earth Riding School; Bangalore Horse Riding School, High field Equestrian Center etc. Total prize money of Rs. 10 Lakhs is on offer for the tournament. 

Mr. Jitu Virwani, Chairman & Managing Director, Embassy Group said, “This League offers a platform for equestrian sports lovers to enjoy a sport that requires skill and stamina to excel. With this league we would like to promote the sport and make it more competitive, which further helps to bring up the whole standard of Equestrian Sport in India. We are looking forward to yet another fabulous tournament and identification of hidden new talent” 

Ms. Silva Storai, Director, Embassy International Riding School said, “Embassy International Riding School welcomes India’s finest equestrian sports persons for the 9th edition of EPL. Our effort has been to develop equestrian talent in India through our League in the last 9 years. Equestrian enthusiast and sporting talent across ages are encouraged to strive to achieve the highest standards in the sport at EIRS. Our EPL is designed to develop a rider’s focus for long-term regular competition. We had installed the European-standard footing at the jumping arena last year, which has given us the confidence to host the bigger events such as, the Asian Game Trials and the National Equestrian Championship which is the biggest Open Jumping Championship conducted annually.”

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