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Health & Glow celebrates Yoga week with yoga and nutrition

International Yoga day celebrations lure Bengalureans to celebrate with the experts
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 16-06-2018 | Views: 530
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Heath & Glow, India’s leading beauty and wellness destination, in recognition of international yoga day, hosted a comprehensive yoga and nutrition session at Lalbagh in Bengaluru today. The event was hosted in collaboration with Akshar Power yoga to commemorate International Yoga Day. The event received a heart-warming response from the city, with individuals and families across age groups, who committed their morning to show their support and celebrate the true value of healthy living. The participants experienced a rejuvenating and relaxing session of yoga by the renowned expert Master Jatin Soni (Akshar Power yoga) followed by an insightful discussion with prominent nutritionist, Silky Mahajan, who shared key tips on a healthy balance and the essence of wellness through food and diet.  All participants were refreshed with a nutritional breakfast based a specially curated menu by Swad food truck, which was widely complimented by all participants as they reinforced their commitment to yoga, nutrition and complete wellness. The event was hosted by H&G, as part of the yoga week celebrations, as a commitment to this global phenomenon of yoga, total wellness and the essence of India.    

International Day of Yoga or Yoga Day is celebrated annually on June 21 as declared by the United Nations General Assembly. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice with a strong linkage to India and its heritage. Yoga has a wide following in Bengaluru with a population that believes in the power of this form. As a leading beauty and wellness brand, H&G understands the need to drive the message of yoga and its benefits and has instilled the philosophy of wellness inside out with not just its natural products but also through such valued collaborations in yoga and nutrition. The yoga week is an extension of the brand’s journey in wellness and a commitment to the well-being of consumers.

Speaking about the yoga day celebration by H&G, Mr. K. Venkataramani, MD & CEO said “Yoga has been a legacy of India with its impact felt around the world. With environmental changes impacting quality of our lives, we believe that our commitment to these once fading practices will revive the future generations and get Indians to embrace wellness and health at a deeper level. Today, we believe that as the world observes International Yoga Day, our endeavour to share this positive impact with this city, reinstates our commitment to beauty and wellness needs of our consumers. We are thrilled with the response and would like to thank all our patrons for always being our supporters in this journey.”

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