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Free Cancer And Dental Screening for Public At The Bangalore Health Festival 2018

Second Edition of the 4-day Bangalore Health Festival to Kick Off on June 14 at Palace Grounds ** Free Health Check-ups And Consultation With Medical Professionals On Oncology And Dentistry
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 14-06-2018 | Views: 487
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"Prevention is better than cure”— and what better relief than to be assured of your good health and identify any health issues in its initial stages. In the last decade or so, there has been an alarming increase in people who have been detected with cancer of various types. Studies show that in every family there is a very high chance of having atleast one cancer survivor and hence it becomes all the more important to be cautious about it and undergo regular screening. At  the second edition of Bangalore Health Festival, the Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology will be conducting free screening for Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer and Mouth Cancer at the venue, Palace Grounds every day from 14th June to 17th June. The organisers of the festival, TV House is urging all general public to make use of the opportunities and register on the spot for the screenings and take a stroll towards healthy life.

Besides cancer, there is also a high percentage of people who fall into the dangers of dental issues. Due to high consumption of tobacco and pan masala, dental problems have become a serious matter to ponder on. Bangalore Health Festival 2018 is also calling out to people to get free dental screening during the 4-day festival. Senior dentists from various reputed hospitals will be conducting the screening for those who have registered during the festival.

“It is important to become conscious of one’s health and take up serious measures to ensure urban and hectic lifestyles don’t pose a threat to our quality of life. We need to be more aware of the options available to us to live a healthy life,” said Deepak Thimaya, festival director and founder of TV House, which is organising the event.  

During the first edition of the festival in 2017,  there were cancer cases detected during the screening and they were advised accordingly. The effort was very helpful in creating health awareness amongst the public. The consultations and check-ups were beneficial to people and showed them the right layout of medical and pharmaceutical industry. This year also the festival will showcase latest healthcare technology and innovations. 

“Through the BHF platform, we want to create an ecosystem where the general public can gain knowledge and the industry stakeholders can understand the pulse of the market. We want to create a positive mood about healthcare in the city,” said Thimaya. 

A series of events and cultural activities were also planned leading up to the festival.The pre-events are a  message of balanced co-ordination of health and mind. A space to come close and join hands to walk forward to a healthy life.

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