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Global Beauty Secrets launched in India 

The products are priced in the range of ? 400 to ?2500. It is exclusively available on starting TODAY, 12th June 2018
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 12-06-2018 | Views: 423
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Shakespeare once said, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. We at Global Beauty Secrets believe that women are the beholders who have inspired us to create a brand as no one understands beauty like they do.  Have you ever wondered how natural beauty secrets and rituals have traversed from generations to women in different parts of the world? Did you know that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra used honey and castor oil to keep her hair lustrous and healthy and that Turkish women apply rose oil and mint extracts to maintain their crowning glory? In Japan, Adzuki beans were the mystery ingredient applied on the skin to exfoliate dead cells while the Greek banked on yogurt to ensure healthy, supple skin.  Our Indian country women revel in the glory of very own ancient Indian beauty rituals of using milk and saffron for skin glow, elasticity and hydration. Rejoice women, as Global Beauty Secrets makes its debut in India.

The brand Global Beauty Secrets is a celebration of the collective wisdom of women across the world. It aims to create, curate and celebrate the beauty secrets of women across different land and cultural diversity. Crafted with natural ingredients from across the globe, this new skincare and haircare brand unravels the beauty rituals from the kitchens and courtyards of women with various cultural legacies. Backed by latest scientific know-how and technological excellence and innovation, each product packs in the benefit of an ingredient specific to a country and popularly used by women of that land. Indulge yourself with Global Beauty Secrets and discover yourself like never- before.

The brand embarks on a journey less travelled. The idea of the brand formulation was born from the very belief that Beauty is universal, its divine. It has reflected in most gorgeous women with strikingly beautiful skin and luscious hair. Just so that these natural heirlooms do not get extinct with time, Global Beauty Secrets brings to you the most unique beauty rituals from each land ensuring that the purest and best benefits of the ingredients have been safeguarded.

Global beauty Secrets is - Natural, Global and crafted by and for Women.

The brand makes its entry with 10 signature products for the face, hair and body. These products have been inspired by beauty rituals of countries like Japan, Egypt, Mexico, Turkey, Greece and India.

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