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Medlife’s new Campaign urges people to “Lafaddu Mat Bano”

The new ad campaign will be launched on the digital platform at the onset, followed by a strategic media plan for television, outdoor and print, to get the desired impact
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 12-06-2018 | Views: 504
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India’s leading online pharmacy Medlife International Pvt Ltd, has launched its new TVC series Lafaddu Lal, with well-known actors - Boman Irani and Varun Sharma. “Lafaddu Lal” has been created as a euphemism for people who are too casual and lazy about their health and medication. Boman plays the father who is exasperated with his son’s lazy and casual attitude about life and health. The campaign features a series of hilarious real-life situations between the father and son duo, where the father tries to exhort his son to be more responsible. 

Medlife is Obsessed with Health and believes that being in control of one’s health is everyone’s responsibility. Medlife has various innovative offerings (like monthly medical subscription, e-consultation with doctors), topped off with best-in-market discounts that make it very convenient to take care of one’s own health and thereby eliminating any excuse for being ‘lazy’ about health.

The campaign has been conceived by “Soho Square Advertising and Marketing Communications Pvt. Ltd.”, and the films have been directed by a budding b-town director, Shlok Sharma. 

Mr.Tushar Kumar, CEO, Medlife International Pvt Ltd, expressing his excitement about the collaboration said, “BothBoman and Varun bring in a dash of freshness to the brand and stand for everything that clearly defines the attributes of Medlife viz. New-age, energetic, cheerful, aspirational, innovative and consistent. We are really kicked up about this association and hope the journey ahead is going to be furthermore exciting.”

Sumanto Chattopadhyay, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, Soho Square, has summarized the series of films as “A chuckle-inducing campaign featuring a slightly sarcastic father and his bumbling son, help us deliver Medlife's message in a memorable way.”

Naveen Raman, Sr Vice President & Brand Head, Bengaluru, Soho Square and Bates India, delved on the strategy behind the campaign, saying, “Medlife is among the top few players who are pioneering the online medicine category in India. Earlier this year we launched a campaign to create brand awareness. Now, the objective is to be more specific and talk about the unique benefits that Medlife offers to its consumers. 

The consumer looks for availability, price and convenience and that’s what our film communicates ina light-hearted manner. Sarcasm and carelessness between a father and son is a very relatable behavior in the Indian context. Lafaddu Lal is the creative idea that binds the relationship. And, who better than Boman and Varun to play the characters!”


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