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Prione Onboards 60 Thousand Small Sellers in India

- Adds unique and indigenous products to the online marketplace -
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 07-06-2018 | Views: 445
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Prione Business Services Pvt Ltd, a joint venture between Catamaran Ventures and Amazon, has enabled 60,000 small and medium businesses (SMBs) across 150+ cities in India to sell their products in the online marketplace. In addition, Prione has onboarded numerous unique products which include indigenously crafted artifacts and handicrafts produced from across the country. Thereby providing sellers and SMBs with an additional channel to increase their sales. 

Backed by specialized e-commerce expertise and experience, Prione helps SMBs quickly and seamlessly start their online business without the usual heavy investment required in traditional retail. Prione organizes special workshops and training sessions across India to help SMBs manage and grow their business online. Prione also helps SMBs identify the right products for e-commerce and offers support with digitizing product catalogs, extending world-class fulfilment services, and developing capabilities to deliver best-in-class customer service. 
“Today, technology driven innovations such as digital payments, hyper-local logistics, analytics driven customer engagement and digital advertisements have enabled the e-commerce industry in India to grow at a much faster rate,” said Sandeep Varaganti, CEO of Prione. “We strive to deliver the best experience to the SMB community and help them find new avenues of growth and expansion for their business through the online marketplace. With over 51 million SMBs in India, our initiative of supporting SMBs that are manufacturing unique products is a step towards providing them with a wider reach across India,” he added.           

Prione has expanded its product offerings by onboarding unique products that vary from hand painted stationary to soaps made from pure milk and Ghee by sellers in Mumbai and Ludhiana, Punjab respectively. These sellers are seeing a steady growth in their revenue as they sell over 3,000 products monthly. Startups providing unique products such as coolers for helmets and phone stands along with powerless amplifiers for mobiles are witnessing a rapid growth with Prione’s assistance in selling online. 

Speaking on how business has grown tremendously, Sundara Rajan from BluArmor said, “Prione was extremely helpful in onboarding us onto the e-commerce marketplace. The process was seamless, and we were able to list our product and get up and running on the portal in no time. Our customer reach has increased multi-fold because of this and about 30% of our online business is through the online platform.” 

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