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Kerala Tourism rolls out #ComeOutAndPlay campaign to entice tourists during the monsoon season

The report, which talks about the culture, heritage and traditional cuisine of Kerala, also mentions the authentic ayurvedic treatments available in the state. This recognition becomes an add-on to the state’s tourism promotions
Hyderabad | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 31-05-2018 | Views: 495
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In a bid to entice travelers during the monsoon season, Kerala Tourism is rolling out a variety of campaigns. The department is to accord prominence to its Monsoon Tourism campaigns considering the possibility of attracting more travellers who would wish to enjoy the rains in the state. 

Kerala had garnered Rs 8392.11 crore revenues from the 10,91870 foreign tourists who visited Kerala last year. Over the past few years, Kerala had received around 70,000 of Saudi tourists during the monsoon season. Tourists from Arab countries visit Kerala to experience the rains, ayurveda, medical treatments and to spend their vacations. 

The department has further expanded the promotion activities by way of Mall Branding and Taxi Branding in these regions.  In the East Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia, promotional activities including Out of Home and Airport Mall Branding have also been done. 

Following its robust promotional campaign, Kerala Tourism has recently kick-started ‘Come Out and Play’ campaign to attract travellers from all corners of the world to the state during monsoon. Highlighting the campaign, Mr. P Bala Kiran, Director of Kerala Tourism said, “The state offers the vacationers a chance to rediscover nature, rekindle relationships, and reconnect with life by indulging into various activities such as trekking, ayurvedic massage, river rafting and numerous more. Kerala Tourism has also been inviting travel enthusiasts to participate in #COMEOUTANDPLAY challenge.” 

“The state had hosted a total of 6,142,190 tourist arrivals during monsoon season i.e. June-October 2017 with an increase of 506,623 travellers as compared to 5,635,567 tourist arrivals during monsoon season in 2016”, he further added.  

The main objective of the campaign is to divest vacationers of their 'career selves', their 'formal adultness' and their preoccupation with devices, careers and the routine of everyday life. The campaign idea mainly focuses on ‘PLAY’ in the context of families and in-turn it reconnects the families. Based on this idea a Television, Print/OOH campaign has been developed. In order to promote the campaign and woo travellers during summer holidays, Kerala Tourism has been utilizing various promotional tools in the best possible way. Besides TV and print campaign in the national markets, the campaign has been running in cinemas across the target markets along with radio and digital campaign. 

With this ambitious campaign, Kerala Tourism aims to target tourists from the potential domestic markets, including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi & NCR, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan and West Bengal. 

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