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ITI Limited Ramps Up Data Centre Footprint, Takes a Giant Leap Towards ‘Digital India’ Initiative

Adds 1000 additional racks in its Bengaluru facility ** Sets up a new Data Centre of 200 racks in Naini Plant ** This will serve the fast-growing demand from Indian businesses and offer benefits of the next generation facilities and services to help customers achieve the safest and secured architecture for the hosted infrastructure
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 30-05-2018 | Views: 203
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ITI Limited, country’s first PSU post-independenceand premier telecom manufacturing company announced the expansion of its data center facility by adding 1000 additional racks in the existing set up in Bengaluru and setting up of a new Data Centre of 200 racks capacity in its Naini (Allahabad, UP) Plant.This announcement comes further to the guidelines issued by the Government on setting up of IT infrastructure by government departments using cloud computing technology with a clause mandating that all data must be stored within the country. The new infrastructure will enable PSU Banks, Central & State Government undertakings, MNCs, corporates and large enterprises to have their data located within the country.  

This expansion of the facility by ITI Limited will give enterprises in the government and corporate sector an opportunity to serve their customers and end-users better while being able to compete with the private players on an even keel. With greater proximity to high-speed networks and other services, enterprises can reduce latency, improve application performance and increase customer satisfaction and at the same time lower their total cost of ownership for infrastructure. ITI provides whole suite of data center infrastructure & managed services with highest power density that serves as one of the key differentiator allowing its existing customers to populate more compute infrastructure in lesser footprint reducing the operational expenses substantially.

On this occasion, S. Gopu, Chairman and Managing Director of ITI Limited said, “ITI has been in the Data Center business for last 10 years with renowned Customers like public sector banks, Financial Institutions, PSUs, Corporates and other government agencies. ITI is enhancing its data center services and the new data center with 1000 racks space in Bengaluru and 200 racks space in Naini has been an ambitious expansion plan of ITI which is getting materialized now. With this increased capacity ITI data center will be one of the biggest PSU data centers in India. We are very happy to note that many organizations have already shown interest in hosting their data with ITI Limited. This data center expansion exhibits ITI’s deep commitment to the Government of India’s flagship initiatives like “Digital India, Make InIndia and Smart City.”

The site has been designed to provide a wide range of offerings that includes 'Managed Co-location Service', 'Managed Dedicated Service' and 'Cloud Services'.In a 'Managed Co-location Service' the companywill offer a Tier-3+ Data Center facilities with highly available, reliable and secure physical infrastructure including power, necessary cooling, state-of-the-art fire detection & suppression systems and environmental controls. In a 'Managed Dedicated Service' the company will provide the server hardware & software resources on a leased model on a dedicated basis with a suit of value added services to take care of all your complex compute requirements. Cloud services will provide storage and related services based on customer requirement which are scalable to varied requirements at any stage.

“The unique value propositions that ITI brings on table is that it is a multi-density, highly secured and resilient Data Center that can result in optimum investment for the customer. There are several layers of security built up for the data center like physical security, biometric authentication, caging and logical security which includes best in class security measures, all of which meet the international standards like ISO 9001, 20000 and 27001,” said  K Alagesan, Director, Production & HR. 

ITI’s state-of-the-art Data Center is currently spread over more than 2, 00,000 Sq. ft. with world class facilities. It has the capability to house thousands of ITInfrastructure equipments and is designed to offer a wide spectrum of core hosting serviceswith best suite of value added servicesunder highly secure and stable environment.

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