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BIG Coffee Hosted by BIG MJ Shruti wins at India Radio Forum 2018

BIG FM’s Shruti won the ‘Best Radio Programme’ award for her show BIG Coffee and runner-up for ‘RJ of the year’ under the Kannada category
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 26-05-2018 | Views: 910
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BIG FM, one of India’s largest radio networks, won eight awards at the recently held India Radio Forum 2018. It also secured six runner-up titles at the prestigious award platform that acknowledges and celebrates outstanding content and creativity in the radio industry. Among the eight winning titles, BIG MJ Shruti’s popular ‘BIG Coffee’ show on 92.7 BIG FM Bengaluru received the winning title under the ‘Best Radio Programme -Kannada’ category and she has also been felicitated with a runner-up title of ‘RJ of The Year’ award under Kannada category. 

One of the most awarded and leading radio networks, BIG FM since its inception has won awards for its various national and city specific shows based on original content integrated with captivating music. The essence of the shows has been further enhanced by talented and popular RJs who form a strong connect with the listeners across markets. 

Speaking about its winning properties, Sunil Kumaran, Country Head – Thwink BIG said, “The categories at IRF set a clear distinction of the great work being showcased by radio players and in turn provide a deeper understanding of their effective delivery. The winning titles at India Radio Forum for categories across programming, RJs and on-air promotions reinforce BIG FM's ability of a deeper understanding of audiences and an acute focus on innovation and creativity. We look forward to achieving more such laurels and move from strength to strength as we continue to enhance the listening experience for the audience and stakeholders alike.” 

Sharing her experience of winning the award,BIG MJ Shruti said, “Timing couldn’t have been better!!! I celebrate my work anniversary in May, Birthday in May and now with two IRF’s this May. I feel elated, privileged and honoured to have won it for my show BIG Coffee with Shruti as well as the runner-up in the RJ of the Year - Kannada category. Needless to say my gratitude only grows for the people of Namma Bengaluru for their immense love and loyalty. Due credits to BIG FM for making me the “Pat Pat Pataki Shruti” from just a Shruti and a big Thank you to Mr. TarunKatial for always believing in me and being that silver lining. I hope to keep doing better work and contribute in making a difference in the life of the people and society.” 

Apart from Shruti, Annu Kapoor, Balaji & Sangram have taken forward the winning legacy of the network by being acknowledged as ‘RJ of the Year’ in the Hindi (and Hindi - Non Metro), Tamil and Marathi categories respectively at the recently concluded IRF 2018.

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